Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

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Smooth Improved! The Tria Difference

Get Better Results in Half the Time.The All New Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is a Beauty Breakthrough! The first and only FDA-cleared laser available for home use, it was deemed "substantially the same as professional laser hair removal devices" by the FDA. And our upgraded digital display featuring Trias exclusive new Pulse Counter lets you now treat both your face and body more confidently, delivering one-of-a kind performance.

Truly Permanent Results, At Home. Made by the same laser technology professionals that developed the gold standard for in-office laser hair removal, you can see results with just 2 at-home treatments, and permanent freedom from endless shaving, waxing, stubble, razor burn and ingrown hairs in as little as 3 months, all at a fraction of the cost of in-office visits.

FDA Cleared, State-of-the-Art Technology. The new safe and effective Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is FDA cleared, and features professional-level diode lasers, which disable the hair follicle by targeting the melanin at the root, without damaging the surrounding skin. The Tria Laser is optimized for PERMANENT results, versus lower energy-emitting devices, such as some IPL devices, which are optimized for temporary results.

Dermatologist Recommended.

"The Tria device really does provide permanent results at home.... with the convenience, privacy and affordability of home use ."

Roy Geronemus, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon Past President of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

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Professional Laser Hair Removal versus At-Home Options, March 16, 2013
Work of Life (Miami, Florida USA)
I have a "Tria" (Pulsed Diode Laser) and now both, a "Veet Infini'silk PRO" and a "Veet Infini'silk" made by "Silk'n" (Intense Pulsed Light = IPL) for at-home hair removal. I have also experienced both of these Hair Removal technologies (Pulsed Diode Laser and Intense Pulsed Light) at Medical Spas with professional grade machines. I have fair skin and thick black hair which makes me an ideal user for all forms of laser hair removal (LHR).

It is worth mentioning that I have a condition called PCOS that causes excessive hair on women(more on this later). I have battled this since I was a teenager and I am 39 now. I started LHR in my early 20s and have experienced all forms of Laser Hair Removal (LHR) in medical settings.

In medical spas, I have had superior results with Pulsed Diode Lasers. By this, I mean that more hair follicles died and has not regrown significantly (about 5% regrowth). With IPL, the areas I had professionally treated have regrown by about 50%.

Useless. More than the money spend, you will regret the time wasted, May 24, 2014
I tried to publish this review directly on the manufacturers web page, however, the review got rejected, even though it conformed to all formal requirements well, almost all; I guess it was rejected because it contained Other information that Tria Beauty finds inappropriate. Apparently, what Tria Beauty finds inappropriate is any content that contains information unfavorable user experience. In fact, almost all reviews on the manufacturers webpage are positive. This made me think that the whole Tria Laser device is a scam. I strongly suspect Tria Beauty employs people to write those reviews and the submit your own review option is there only to provide the site with an alibi. I cannot explain the positive feedback otherwise, especially since the device DOES NOT WORK in my case, although I used it for over twice the time the manufacturer claims would be necessary to achieve long-lasting results.

Heres the review I.

Jaime Sutherland (Dearborn, MI United States)
I've be waxing and using epilators for many years and was growing tired of the skin irritation from the process. I have course dark hair that grows quickly and leads to many ingrown hairs :( So after much research, including considering professional laser hair removal, I decided to give this a try for use on my bikini line and underarms.

I just finished my 9th treatment and I am thrilled with the results!!! I'm a good candidate because I have very pale skin and dark hair, and used it as directed at level 5 (once a week, and again for touch ups when various areas grew back quicker than others). After two treatments on my bikini line, I noticed the hair growing back much slower. After about a month, there were areas that stopped growing for a few weeks, and then hair grew back much thinner. I went from needing to shave every few days to about once a week, and eventually some areas not at all!!! It looks like there are many areas that hair has not gown back at all. Today, I.

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